Certificate Courses

Professional Certificate Courses:

In keeping with the motto of our college 'the Harmonious Development of the Hand, the Heart and the Head', the development of Heart and Head is achieved through imparting spiritual value Education and the academic programmes respectively. For the development of Hand, carrier-oriented courses suitable for the geographical and cultural conditions of our country are being taught and trained. Students have to study these certificate courses under two different heads namely Compulsory Certificate courses and Optional Certificate courses.

The compulsory courses namely Value education, Basic Samaskritam, civic responsibilities, Bhagavad Gita chanting and Upanishad chanting fulfill the development of the Heart part of our motto. The optional certificate courses fulfill the development of the 'Hand' part.

In odd semester, each department offers certificate courses to the other faculty students. The courses are: Tourism, Spoken Sanskrit, Intensive practice, Advertising, Banking, E-commerce, Vedic Mathematics, Physics in Everyday life, Food Chemistry , Internet Basics, Animation, Web Designing and Computer Hardware.

In the even semester, Handicrafts such as Bouquet making, Doll making, Crochet wire knitting, Spoken Hindi, Library Science, Oil Painting, Tailoring and yoga are offered to the students. Students may choose any three of these optional courses. While a student complete her three year course, she will possess seven certificates. We have proposed to introduce vermi-composting, mushroom culture, fish farming, Sericulture, dairy management etc., Besides these, courses like communication skill, MS-Office, Tally course for commerce students and Typewriting for all the students are also offered.