National Service Scheme (NSS)


National Service Scheme, under the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Govt. of India, popularly known as NSS was launched in Gandhiji's Birth Centenary Year 1969. NSS volunteers generally work with villages, slums and voluntary agencies to complete 120 hours of regular activities during an academic year. As per the fundamental principles of National Service Scheme, a volunteer is expected to remain in constant touch with the community.

Special camps are organized generally on various developmental issues of national importance. In the past the themes of the Special Camping Programme have been 'Youth against Famine', 'Youth Against Dirt and Disease', 'Youth for Rural Reconstruction', 'Youth for Eco-Development and 'Youth for Mass Literacy', 'Youth for National Integration & Social Harmony'. The current need is Youth for Sustainable Development. The motto of NSS is "NOT ME BUT YOU".

The main objectives of the NSS are to inculcate the spirit of service and develop national consciousness in the minds of the students. The NSS provides a chance to the students to participate in nation - building tasks.

Few specific objectives are:

  1. To understand the community in which they work;
  2. To understand themselves in relation to their community;
  3. To identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in problem solving process;
  4. To develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility;
  5. To utilize their knowledge in finding practical solution to individual and community problems;
  6. To develop competence required for group living and sharing of responsibilities;
  7. To gain skills in mobilizing community participation;
  8. To acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitude;
  9. To develop capacity to meet emergencies and natural disasters and
  10. To practice National Integration and social harmony.


There are three NSS units functioning in the college. Members shall be enrolled from I and II years. The college NSS units maintain the assessment records for the members.

Date Name of the Events Type of the Events Resource person/Collaborative Institution
10-03-2016Free Eye Check-up CampOne day camp - College levelDr.Agarwal Eye Hospital
04-03-2016Campus cleaningCollege Level
22-02-2016 to 28-02-Special camp (Role of Youth in Social Welfare)at M7 days camp (Rally, Seminars, and Camps)-150 Students attendedDr.Agarwal Eye Hospital, Tirunelveli Peace Trust,Tirunelveli, SathyaGnanaDharshinigal Trust, Tirunelveli
21-02-2016Polio drops campaign , KTC NagarNational levelMedical officers, Tirunelveli
28-01-2016Free Medical Checkup CampOne day Camp at AriyakulamDr.Ramasundari (R.P)
26-01-2016Republic day celebrationNational FunctionVice Chanceller, M.S. University,
12-01-2016National Youth day celebrationUniversity levelAll India Radio, Tirunelveli
28-12-2015Public Information CampaignRally &Press Information Bureau, Chennai
16-12-2015Free Eye Check upCampOne day camp - College levelDr.Agarwal Eye Hospital,
04-11-2015Campus Cleaning to prevent Dengue feverCollege level
815/10/15Youth Inspiration Day RallyRally - National levelDirectorate of Collegiate Education
17-08-2015Blood Donation Camp & Blood Identification CampCollege levelMedical College Hospital, Tirunelveli
15-08-2015Independence day National FunctionVice Chanceller, M.S. University,
11-08-2015Campus CleaningCollege level
11-07-2015SwachhBharath Mission- Clean India CampOne Day CampDistrict Science Centre, Tirunelveli
08-07-2015Campus CleaningCollege level
26-06-2015Drug Abusee&AwarenessDr.R.AnbuRajan
26-06-2015Health &HygieneInvited LectureSmt..Mari, Project Counsellor,Peace Trust,Tirunelveli(R.P)
27-03-2015HIV Awareness ProgrammmeInvited LectureSmt..Mari, Project Counsellor,Peace Trust,Tirunelveli(R.P)
12-02-2015Students of TirunelveliDistrict
11-02-2015Exhibiton for SchoolDistrict level
30-01-2015Cross Cultural ProgrammeDistrict level-Invited lecture & Prize Distribution FunctionSri.N.Rajalingam,(R.P) NSS Programme Coordinator, MS University, Tirunelveli&Major P.Chandrasekaran(R.P) Former Principal M.SUniversity Constituent College Nagalapuram
23-01-2015Voters'Awareness RallyNational level (Rally)District Collector & District Election Commissioner, Tirunelveli
08-01-2015Campus CleaningCollege level
08-12-2014Seminar on Alcoholic AwarenessState level One day seminarSri Rajkumar, State Secretary, APVP (R.P), Tirunelveli
16-10-2014Clean India Project-Bus Shelter Cleaning (Sarada Implementing SwachhBharath Mission at College level
10-10-2014Voters'Awareness RallyNational levelSri M.G.Kulanthaivelu, District Revenue Officer, Tirunelveli
06-09-2014Food Distribution Ceremony to the Tirunelveli GovtCollege levelBharath Heritage Fountation, Tirunelveli
04-09-2014Campus CleaningCollege level
03-09-2014Sale of cosmetics and
02-09-2014Installation of stall forThree Days SaleChembaruthi Women SelfHelp Group, Tirunelveli
28-08-2014Eye checkup camp & Eye Donation Awareness CampOne Day CampAravind Eye Hospital, Tirunelveli
19-08-2014Campus CleaningCollege level
15-08-2014Independence Day CelebrationNational FunctionVice chancellor, ManonmaniamSundaranar,University, Tirunelveli
12-08-2014Blood Donation Camp&Blood Identification CampOne Day CampMedical College Hospital,
05-08-2014Tree Plantation In the College CampusCollege levelSecretary &Principal
07-07-2014Campus CleaningCollege level
18-07-2014Seminar on Alcoholic AwarenessDistrict level (one day camp)Police Department of TirunelveliCorporation
28-02-2014Uzhavarapani atSri Durgambika temple,SeevalaperiOne Day Camp (College level)Sri Durgambika temple, Seevalaperi
27-02-2014National Youth Policy&Nehru sports scheme InaguralNational level (Rally)NSS of M.S. University, Tirunelveli
11-02-2014Blood Donation CampState level (1 day camp)Tamilnadu TransportCorporation
26-01-2014Republic Day CelebrationNational FunctionVice chancellor, M.S. University, Tirunelveli
20-01-2014National Integration (Rally)RallyNehru Yuvakendra&
19-01-2014Polio Drops CampOne Day CampState GoverrnmentTamilnadu
20-09-2013Blood donation camp& Blood Identification campCollege level(one day camp)Medical College Hospital, Tirunelveli
06-09-2013Eye Donation Awareness CampNational level (one day camp)Lions Club ofSivakasi Crackers City, (Lion.Dr.J.Ganesh MJF)
03-09-2013Installation of stall for Sale of Cosmetics andDistrict levelWomen Self HelpGroup,
17-08-2013Vivekananda's Radha YathraNational level (Rally)Ramakrishna Math Dr R.Ramakrishnan&Srimat Swami Saithayanandaji(R.P)
15-08-2013Independence Day CelebrationDistrict level National functionVice chancellor(R.P), M.S. University, Tirunelveli
25-07-2013Alcohol Awareness RallyNational level (Rally)Dr.Palavesam (R.P), South Indian Gandhi Gram Seva Trust, Shencottah
25.02.13 TSpecial Camp On (Role of Youth in Social Welfare) 7 Days(Rally, Seminars, and Camps)- (100 Students attended)Vasan Eye CareHospital,Tirunelveli
23.12.12Vivekananda's 150th Birthday celebrationRallySri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai
23.07.12Blood Donation&Blood Identification CampOne Day CampMedical CollegeHospital,Tirunelveli
10.07.12Eye and Dental CampOne Day CampVasan Eye CareHospital,Tirunelveli
20.02.12SeminarDistrict level (Oneday Camp)ManonmaniamSundaranar University
20.01.12Poliodrops campDistrict level (Oneday Camp)State Government, Tamilnadu
09.01.12Campus cleaningCollege level (One Day Camp)
23.12.11Counting of Hundial moneyDistrict levelNellaiapper Temple, Tirunelveli
13.09.11Blood Identification CampCollege level (One Day Camp)Medical College Hospital, Tirunelveli
DateName of the EventType of the EventResource person/


unit no 25 Smt.S.Meenakshi

unit no 153 smt.M.Vijayalakshmi

unit no 24 Smt.A.Usha