Allumi Association-Sarada Suta


  1. To create a lifelong and worldwide community of alumni through increased opportunities for meaningful engagement in order to increase awareness, pride, participation/ volunteer involvement and philanthropic commitment to the college.
  2. To promote goodwill in the community and create a dynamic alumni program that will stimulate interest, build loyalty, increase involvement and generate support for the college.
  3. To direct towards supporting the social, intellectual, and spiritual needs of all present and future alumni of our college.
  4. To act as a means through which alumni can contribute their collective knowledge and perspective to the development of the college.
  5. To celebrate the uniqueness of the Evergreen experience, to support the work of the College now and then in the future, and to build lasting ties between alumni, College, and the community.
  6. To support the college through the knowledge, skills, financial resources, and loyalty of its alumni.
  7. To communicate and interpret the College's goals and achievements to others and to promote a spirit of unity and loyalty among former students and friends.
  8. To serve, to advise, to advocate, to strengthen and to empower the inmates aptly.
  9. To dedicate our efforts and services to involve alumni, students, parents, friends, faculty and staff in the activities of the College.

All the students of the College become the members of the 'Sarada Suta' on completion of their course. Significantly 'Sarada Suta' means that, each old student of this illustrious institution is the daughter of the Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi. The aim of the Association is to remind the outgoing students about this blessed privilege and to keep them in touch with one another and with the alma mater to foster and spread, in private and public life, the principle expressed in the College motto "The Harmonious Development of Hand, Heart and Head". Many of our talented old students are making their mark in the computer scenario in foreign shores, especially in the USA, UK, Singapore, Qatar, Kenya, London and Dubai. And all of them are responsible members of the society, spreading the message of Mother Sarada wherever they are.

Every Year, 2nd Saturday, in the month of August; the 'Sarada Sutas ' meet to share, care and celebrate the Old Students Day.

Smt. U.Latha @ VenkateswariPresident
Smt.J.Umai Parvathy Secretary
Selvi,. B. RevathyJoint Secretary