Gana Sarada

'Gana Sarada' is the the college choir directed by the Music Teacher of the college.Apart from training all students of the college in devotional,patriotic and personality development songs,the forum offers opportunities for talented singers to develop and exhibit their musical abilities.The members of Gana Sarada participate in Inter-collegiate,Inter-university and State-level musical programmes. Three cassettes containing songs on Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi ,Swami Vivekananda and our revered Founder of the institution,Swami Chibhavananda Maharaj have been brought out by Gana Sarada.

'Gana Sarada' choir is responsible for the Bhajan during the occasions such as sakthi pooja,sirappu vazhipadu.They exhibit their their talent by doing Bhajans during Navarathiri days in nearby temples/villages in and around of Tirunelveli suburban and rural areas. Choir student are also fully responsible for the background songs for the event such as Exercise,March past,Mass Drill with equipments,Lezium etc during the Annual Sports Day of the college. Every year,our College Gana Sarada Choir students along with N.S.S. Programme Officers sing Patriotic songs during Independence Day.

Music Incharge : Smt.G.Parameswari