College Emblem

College Emblem

  • The Educational ideals of this institution are symbolized in the college emblem.
  • The 'veena' stands for the development of the hand for the enrichment of life.
  • The 'waxing' moon suggests the steady expansion of the heart ,in love of god and his creation.
  • The 'blazing sun' is expressive of knowledge that reveals things in their true light.
  • The harmonious development of the hand, the heart and the Head is what is wanted for a fully educated young generation of women, each of whom will be a 'Kamadhenu', the milch cow of plenty and plentitude.


The girls who enter the portals of this Temple of Learning should leave it as, “Nirai Nangaiyar” – (“the perfect women”) enlightened with excellence in education and research.


The vision of the college will be accomplished

  • by contributing to the society an appropriately educated, perfect young generation of women
  • by infusing spiritual, ethical and moral values in the minds of the students of all disciplines.
  • by achieving the all round development of the willpower, emotion and cognition of the students through curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the college.
  • by encouraging and enlightening the students for excellence in higher education, research, extension and development.
  • by reaching the unreached in social, intellectual, moral and cultural facets.
  • by imbibing love on the motherland and an eager intent to invigorate her through active service with the sense of espirit de corps.
  • by inculcating Unity in diversity, a sense of unity and respect for all religions coupled with firm adherence to one’s own religion.


  • To provide a platform for realizing inherent talent
  • To infuse integrated and academic core values
  • To make the institution a centre of excellence
  • To empower young women with leadership
  • To promote research culture in students to achieve global importance