One of the most arduous stages in a student's life is the transition from school to university or college life. New students come to an institution with a variety of ideas, backgrounds, and preparation.

The goal of the student induction programme is to support new students in settling in and becoming comfortable in their new environment, as well as to introduce them to the institution's ethos and culture, help them form relationships with other students and faculty members, and expose them to a sense of greater purpose and self-exploration.

Before regular classes usually begin, the Student Induction Program begins interacting with incoming students as soon as they arrive at the institution. The formation of the mentor groups occurs at the beginning of the induction, during which the residents are instructed about the institution's policies, procedures, practices, culture, and values.

  • Socializing, including attending lectures by notable individuals, the student union, and other new and seasoned students;
  • Visiting the university or college, visiting the department, branch, or programme of study, and important places on campus; the local area; the city; and so on;
  • Governing: regulations and legislation, guidance for students, etc.
  • Possessing experiences with: subject lectures, study techniques, small-group activities, exercise, performing and creative arts, literary activities, universal human values, etc.


  • It is mandatory for all the fresh students admitted to any UG degree programme offered by the college.
  • To help the students feel comfortable in the new environment and adjust to the customs and practices of the college.
  • To enable the students to become familiar with the amenities and access the intellectual and physical resources of the institutions.
  • The main aim of the programme is to instill the ideas, practices, and spirit of our College and its unique features.
  • To help students understand and develop better relationships with faculty members in order to set the tone for fruitful teaching and learning experiences
  • Through a well-structured mentor-mentee network, to create a comfortable environment for newly admitted students to approach a faculty mentor when facing any academic, financial, or psychological problems.
  • Giving attention to stimulating the social integration of students among themselves and with teachers.
  • Introducing the student support systems of the college.

The following are the activities under the induction program in which the student would be fully engaged throughout the day for the entire duration of the programme.

  • Familiarization with College, Department/Branch
  • Literary Activity
  • Proficiency Modules
  • Lectures & Workshops by Eminent People
  • Visits to Local Area
  • Feedback and Report on the Programme

Through the Student Induction Programme, our college stays true to its mission by making sure that every moment students experience on campus benefits their holistic, unified learning and welfare.

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