"Matru Vihar or Mother's House" - the Sarada College Hostel is a home away from home for about 745 students, some of whom are students from neighbouring states. A few overseas students from Srilanka are also residing in the hostel.

As an important wing of the college it is actualizing the Life-Training Programme, the Hostel trains its residents in a well - planned daily routine suited to simple living and high thinking and a life of both self-reliance and community living as practiced in our ancient Gurukulum. The hostel residents have an active life dotted with organizing functions and festivals as well as maintaining strict discipline and devotion to studies.


  • Early Rising, Surya Namaskar, group work like Vegetable Cutting, Cleaning the Temple, Collecting Flowers for Pooja and Serving Food.
  • 5 hours a day for study at prime dawn and dusk timings.
  • Convenient rooms, clean toilets and bath rooms with plenty of water available round the clock make the stay a pleasant experience.
  • An excellent Vegetarian mess runs, giving good nutritious food at a nominal fee. Paddy, vegetables and fruits grown in our campus are used at reduced price thus reducing the expenditure. Good, unadulterated milk is supplied from the Sarada Gokulam, the dairy maintained by the Management in the campus.
  • The Principal is the Warden assisted by the Sisters and Ambas of the Samithi in monitoring the attendance and the observance of the daily routine of the students.
  • Concession for the Poor : Financially weak students avail financial assistance in the form of fee concessions from the management.


  1. Students are not permitted to have cell phone in the hostel premises. If any student is found with cell phone they may be DISMISSED from the college.
  2. The hostel Leader, Assistant Leader and Group Leaders are elected by the members. They will help the Warden, assisted by the leaders of the various committees, in fulfilling students needs and in maintaining discipline in the hostel.
  3. Students will be divided into groups and assigned special duties like serving meals, campus cleaning, temple work and vegetable cutting. Each group should discharge all these duties allotted by turn.
  4. Students should be punctual for prayers, meals, assemblies, classes, study etc.
  5. Rooms should be kept neat and tidy. All items of furniture should be used with care. Breakages and damages should be reported immediately to the warden.
  6. Students should occupy the rooms assigned to them. They may not be asked to change their rooms without any proper reasons for it.
  7. Entering another one's room is strictly forbidden.
  8. Lights in the rooms should be switched off between 9.45 p.m. and 4.30 a.m. and silence should be observed during that time.
  9. Students should not wear costly jewels. They are advised not to keep huge money. The hostel authorities cannot be held responsible for any loss of money, valuables or belongings of the students.
  10. Students are advised not to lend or borrow money from anybody in the college or hostel.
  11. Subscription of any kind should be collected only with the Principal/Deputy warden's permission.
  12. When the students go home for the general holidays parents should come to take them home.
  13. Absence from the hostel may be allowed on the written request of parent/ guardian, if the reason is valid. But parents should come to take the student home.
  14. Except in case of illness, food should not be taken to the rooms.
  15. Students are not allowed to enter the kitchen. They are not permitted to have any contact with the cooks, servants, peons or watchman/watchwoman.
  16. Visitors are allowed only on fourth Sundays of every month. Only parents or guardians and relatives permitted at the time of admission can see the student. Brothers are not allowed as visitors.
  17. Visitors should not enter the hostel rooms.
  18. Day students are forbidden from entering the hostel.
  19. Students should not accompany the visitors to the gate.
  20. Students are strictly forbidden from defacing the walls, throwing waste papers, rubbish etc. on the floor or tampering with electrical fittings, bulbs, trees and plants in the campus or damaging any hostel property.
  21. Study Hours: The inmates should maintain complete silence and study well during study hours. Visitors are not permitted during study hours.
  22. Students are permitted to go home during Second Saturday and Sunday of every month. They may leave the hostel at 4.30pm. on Friday and should be back by 8 a.m. on Monday. Returning to the hostel on the day and time mentioned is mandatory. Lapse in this regard will be taken seriously. Late comers will not be permitted to go home for the next holidays.
  23. Hosteller should not remain in the hostel taking leave without any information to the concerned authorities.
  24. Misconduct or break of any hostel rules or disobedience to the authorities will render the offender liable to fine or dismissal.