NAAC CYCLE III 2021-2022

1.1.1 Curriculum Development Download
1.2.1 Certificate Course Download
1.2.2 Arts UG Project Download
1.2.3 Science UG Project Download
1.2.4 M.Phil Project Download
1.3.1 Institution integrates cross-cutting issues Download
1.2.5 PG Project Download
1.4.1 Feedback Form Download
1.2.5 Summer Internship Training Download
1.4.2 Action Taken Report Download
2.2.1 Catering to Students Diversity Photo Document Download
2.3.1 Student Centric Method for Enhancing Learning Level Download
2.3.2 Teachers use ICT-enabled tools including online resources for effective teaching and learning Download
2.3.3 Ratio of Students to Mentor for Academic and other related issues Download
2.5.2 Evaluation Process and Reforms Download
2.5.3 Evaluation Process and Reforms Download
2.6.1 Course Outcomes Download
2.6.3 Result Analysis Download
2.7 Student Satisfaction Survey Download
3.1.1 Research Minutes Download
3.1.2 Budget & Expenditure Download List of Teachers Receiving Seed Money Download
3.1.3 Awards Download
3.4.4 Books & Chapters Download
3.5.1 Consultancy Download
3.4.1 Code of Ethics for Research Download
3.6.1 Extension Activity Download
3.2.2 Project details Download
3.2.3 Research Guides Download
3.6.2 Extension Awards Download
3.2.1 Grant received from Non Government & Government Agencies Download
3.3.2 Seminars & Workshops Download
3.4.3 Journals Download
3.6.3 Extension Activity NSS/NCC Download
3.7.1 Internship Download
3.7.2 MoUs Download
4.1.1 Infrastructure and Physical Facilities Download
4.1.2 Facilities for Cultural Activities Download
4.1.3 Number Of Class Rooms and Seminar Halls With ICT-Enabled Facilities Download
4.1.4 Expenditure For Infrastrcture Download Master Time Table Download
4.2.1 Integrated Library Management System Download
4.2.2 E-Books And E-Journal Photo Document Download
4.2 IT Policy Download
4.2.3 Purchase of Books/E-books Download
4.2.4 Usage of library Download
4.3.1 IT Infrastructure Download
4.3.3 Bandwidth of Internet Connections Download
4.4.1 Expenditure On Maintenance of Physcal Facilities Download
4.4.2 Infrastructure and Physical Facilities Download
4.3.2 E-Content Facilities Download
5.1.1 Number of Students Benefitted by Scholarships and Free Ships Provided by the Government Download
5.1.2 Institution and Non-Government Agencies Download
5.1.3 Capacity Development and Skill Enhancement activities Download
5.1.4 Number of Students Benefitted From Guidance/Coaching For Competitive Examinations and Career Counsel Download
5.1.5 Redressal of Students Grievances, Including Sexual Harassment and Ragging Download
5.2.1 Number of Outgoing Students Who Got Placement During the Year Download
5.2.2 Number of Outgoing Students Progressing to Higher Education Download Number of Students Who Appeared in State/ National/ International Examinations Download
5.3.1 Number of Awards/Medals for Outstanding Performance in Sports and/or Cultural Activities at Inter-University / State /National / International Event Download
5.3.2 Presence of an active Student Council and Representation of Students in Academic and Administrative Bodies/Committees Download
5.3.3 Number of Sports and Cultural Events / Competitions Download
5.4.1 The Alumni Association and its Chapters Contribute Significantly to the Development the Institution Through Financial and other Support Services Download
6.1.1 The governance of the institution is reflective of an effective leadership in tune with the vision and mission of the Institution Download
6.1.2 Effective Leadership is Reflected in Various Institutional Practices Such as Decentralization and Participative Management Download
6.1.2 Dean Flow Chart Download
6.2.1 Staff Participations Download Students Participation Download
6.2.2 Organogram of the College Download
6.2.2 The Functioning of the Various Institutional Bodies is Effective and Efficient as Visible From the Policies, Administrative Set-up, Appointment and Service Rules, Procedures Download
6.2.3 Screen shots of user interfaces Download
6.2.3 Details of Implementation of E-Governance in Areas of Operation Photo Document Download
6.2.3 ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Document Download
6.3.1 Staff Welfare Download
6.3.2 Financial Support Download
6.3.3 Staff /NTS Orientation Download
6.3.4 FDP Download
6.4.1 Institution Conducts Internal and External Financial Audits Regularly Photo Document Download
6.4.2 Funds /Grans Recived Form Non Government Bodies, individuals and Philanthropists During the year Download
6.4.3 Institutional Strategies For Mobilization of Funds and optimal Utilization of Resources Download
6.5.1 Post-Accreditation Quality Initiatives Download
6.5.2 The institution reviews its teaching-learning process, structures and methodologies of operation and learning outcomes at periodic intervals through its IQAC as Per Norms Download
6.5.3 E-copies of accreditations and certification Download
6.5.3 Participation in NIRF Download
6.5.3 Feedback Collected, Analysed and Used For Improvement of the Institution Download
7.1.1 Promotion of Gender Equity Download
7.1.2 Sources of Energy and Energy Conservation Download
7.1.3 Types of Degradable and Non- Degradable Wastes Download
7.1.4 Water Conservation Facilities Download
7.1.5 Green Campus Initiatives Download
7.1.6 Quaity Audits on Environment Download
7.1.7 Disabled Friendly and Barrier Free Environment Download
7.1.8 Inclusion and Situatedness Download
7.1.9 Human Values and Professional Ethics Download
7.1.11 Celebration of National and International Commemorative Events Download
7.2 Best Practicies Download

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