The Department of Chemistry was established in the year 1991. The department has very good infrastructure and a well - equipped and spacious laboratory with sophisticated analytical instruments. A vibrant academic atmosphere is enjoyed by the students of our department to feel the pleasure of learning. The department offers Food Chemistry, Cosmetics and Consumer Products, Chemistry in Everyday Life and Forensic Chemistry as Certificate and Diploma course respectively for chemistry and other major students. The department also offers skill to pursue knowledge and motivate the students for higher studies.


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National Chemistry Week 21.10.2020- NATIONAL CHEM WEEK.pdf
National Webinar on Nanotechnology in polymers 02.07.2020 - Nano Tech Webinar.pdf
WEBINAR - Electrochemistry Basic in Sensor Design and Carrier Opportunity 09.11.2020 - Webinar- Electro Chem Basic Sensor.pdf
SARADA SUTA ALUMNAE MEET 2020 1.12.2020 - OSA.pdf
Extension Activity 10.2.21 Extension Activity.pdf
Entrepreneurial Activity 20.2.21- Entrepreneurial activity.pdf
Workshop on Microscale Experiments 12.03.2021-Workshop on Microscale Experiments.pdf