The Department startedits Undergraduate Programme in 2009, Postgraduate Programme in 2014 and M.Philin 2016. The main objective of the department is not only to prepare thestudents with theoretical and logical understanding of the subjects but also toimpart a comprehensive and extensive- ranging of standards in Listening,Reading and Writing skills. The department strives to build talents in thestudents of the deprived sections. The department has a well equipped digitallanguage lab that is used by the faculty to support the students incommunicating in English. Foundation level courses in English for all disciplinesare offered by the department. For the betterment of the students distinguishedpersonalities are invited to give guest lecturers every semester.

Ourstudents are supported to participate in various Inter-collegiate literarycompetitions and also to present papers in seminars conducted by differentcolleges. Apart from the academic venture the faculty members are also veryparticular in converting the students into proficient individuals. Thedepartment has launched certificate courses like a) Intensive Practises and   b)Spoken English for Beginners-Course I forthe benefit of the students of all disciplines. The department has a MOU withGuimax (Communicative English Workshop) to embellish the communication skillsof the students. Bridge Course is offered to the fresher and Remedial course isoffered for the slow learners in order to improve them every year. A separateLanguage Lab Class has been introduced this year for the III year students ofall disciplines to improve their pronunciation, intonation and vocabulary. Thusour department aims at unlocking the potential excellence of the students’English proficiency.